Thursday, 10 June 2010

Western Games January 08

So this was my first Drama that I had complete control over, I wrote, produced and directed this and had my hand on editing.

The idea behind this film was linked to the rise of youth and gun crime, at that time becoming a slight moral panic in the news. I exaggerated the situation by casting my youngest character really young, and what starts as a playful situation can turn out to be very serious indeed.

I came across a few problems, this was my first time casting and I had to find a child on no money. Luckily a few friends had cast children and had given me some numbers and I followed those up. Mitchell, who plays the young boy in this film was amazing, I didn't get the chance to audition him because of time and he lived a fair distance away, but he was really keen and enthusiastic and I just think his commitment and energy was outstanding for a boy of his age. i must also mention the support of his family who were also amazing which I believe is the key of why everything went so well.

I had complete control over directing the soundtrack aswell, this was created with the fabulous help of Maffy and Lisa and Dan the music man. They did a wonderful job in creating what I wanted and also gave me access to their home for keeping cast and crew fed and warm with fresh tea and to this day I can't thank them enough because they didn't even know me because they inspired and helped me so much from that day to now. I also created some pieces myself with the help of Sam Baz, and I'm happy with everything.

The crew were a true gem, they made everything fun but still we got the work done and we ran almost to schedule. I shall have to upload some pictures.

This upload quality isn't brilliant as this is a web friendly version and when I exported it at the time, there wasn't High Quality web viewing. We were lucky with a beautifully sunny day so the shots on the full size are crisp.


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