Saturday, 20 June 2009

Day 1 Shoot

Day 1 is done and dusted

We got all the scenes done that we needed to do with this character and I can tell you it's been a really long day.

The crew have all bonded really well, we've been on it since 9am this morning and we went all day til 12am.

We had a nice BBQ put on for us by two very special ladies which was a really nice treat so a massive thank you to Marcia the directors mum and Donna the main characters mum for a great feast for us to kick start the project.

Everyone's worked really hard today and we've all communicated well and worked really well together. All have enjoyed their time on set today and are now off to bed to catch their winks for another full shoot day tomorrow.

I had to rearrange the call sheet for tomorrow due to problems with an actor which is very personal and delicate, but he's being a real soldier and is going to trooper on for the shoot.

We're shooting in HD with steady cams for today and omg, it looks amazing!!! I couldn't get over it and kept saying how great it looks all day.

Luke, the main actor for today has been brilliant, he's been focused and on the ball giving us attitude in character and having a laugh with us when not in character. I reckon he's gonna be mega big one day. He follows direction well and has learnt a two page monologue in the space of 2 days.

It's half 2 in the morning now and I have to go to bed, another early start tomorrow and I need me beauty sleep

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