Friday, 19 June 2009

T'Lion T'Witch and T'Wardrobe

Hi all, It's been a long time since I've update my blog but since I'm on an exciting new project post finishing my course, I've been extremely busy and it's been a bit secretive up until now.

I'm working on a film project for a known Sheffield musician for a month now. My role is creative producer and I'm loving every minute of it. So far my role has involved:

Sending out casting calls, casting and auditioning actors
Creating budget sheets for costumes and props
Gathering props
Making costumes
Hiring costumes
Liasing with a vintage shop to borrow costumes
Liasing with cast and crew
Creating call sheets
Creating contact sheets
Keeping the Director on schedule for the past week
Solving and working our way around each and every problem that arises.

This week so far started off with an amazing audition on Monday in which everybody scheduled in turned up! I know! This has never happened before in my whole 2 years of casting and I was delighted. So we were casting from about 2-9pm and then made our way back to Stoke.

Tuesday I had a semi day off with a nice trip to Alton Towers (gotta have breaks) - however was in close contact with the director most of the day.

Wednesday midday made my way back to Sheffield with the director to start picking and buying things such as costumes and essential equipment, aswell as meeting our lead actor and having a rough rehearsal with him and going to dress him up in a costume, in which we had another actress come along for. I've got pictures but i'll put them on when the shoots done. It got really late on and stayed over in Sheffield so we could have an early start to do things on Thursday but that was great because I got to experience Sheffields nightlife. I went to a gig at the O2 academy and saw a great band called the Crookes (check their myspace out) and then went on to another pub and saw another great band called Shake Aletti (who are brilliant so check their myspace out).

Thursday - Really productive day, and then made my our way back to Stoke.

In Stoke - had to clean with housemate as we're soon moving out, and I don't mean light surface cleaning, this was grotty grease grime hard to reach and places you don't wanna go cleaning. - Nice!

Then had to pack for 5 days in Sheffield on shoot. I hate packing! I never enjoy it and it takes me a long time to think about what I need because I just want to avoid it.

This now brings me to the really long day of today.. up 9am
shower and pack a little bit more and ready for 10.30am to go to town to buy some fabric stuff for a costume.

Back home, burning some music for the van we've hired (Need tunes for the road - Kasbians new album! and Empire of the Sun) then load up the van and go to pick up kit from Stoke campus, then from Stoke campus we went to Stafford Campus to collect the rest of the kit which is ALOT. Traffic on the way to Sheffield and finally made it around 7pm. Had some Yam (mmm Yam) & carried on with paper work. And this is where I've been since.

Rest of the crew arrived at 10pm and we just had a production meeting in the garden. Now I'm writing this and might chill out for half hour before carrying on.. we still need to do food shop for tomorrow eeek.

I've really enjoyed Sheffield so far, but it seems that I'm not picking up the sarcasm as easily as down south because the tone in voice just doesn't change, and they miss out words which makes conversation topics a bit hard to follow. Like Michael Mcintyre says 'The word 'the' just seems to disappear somewhere off the M1 heading up north.

Food time! am off

If I have time I will try and update everyday whilst on shoot as this is a great experience to remember

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