Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Borderline (Collaboration project)

Great success! Collab shoot is shot and now in post production. The whole shoot went great with out a hitch and without too many arguments from me and sam, however leading up to the shoot was a different story, two tempered italians working together is always going to be heated in arguments.

Keir and Simon; our actors were amazing! I couldn't of asked for better actors who have played the characters so well. Sarah; our camera lady has also been amazing, even though she had her own work to do she was there filming for us which shows great commitment. With her great eye for shots came Andy's great ear for sound, he also did a fantastic job for us and we couldn't of asked for a better shoot.

Special thanks to Stoke property shop too who sorted us with the location, what a great location it was. http://www.stokepropertyshop.com/

Here are some pictures from the weekends shoot.

David and Miguel

Me giving directions for a scene

Mr. West

Sarah on camera
'Friend, car friend, friend'

The two co-producer/directors Me and Sam

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