Tuesday, 7 April 2009

QVC + me

Hi all,

Finished shooting yesterday morning, and then had a busy day sleeping and cleaning, and sleeping lots more.

Up early again this morning, left Stoke at 8am and went to QVC studios, had a tour with a lovely lady thats an ex student of my course. Went with a few others. It was such a great experience to see.

As you know it's live television being broadcast 17 hours a day, which is alot. So to see how they all run the show behind the scenes and the constant preparation that is going on for the shows is amazing. It's a leading television channel for selling things and it's just amazing to see it all, all that preparation for a few minutes of air time.. really good.

We got to go around the studios and see all the sets, they have minimum of 4 sets per studio, which all interchange easy as you can imagine.

This was us guys sitting on the set, we went a bit crazy with the happy snappy of pictures.. but they didn't mind which was cool. They were all really nice and friendly and really helpful. I'm hoping to go back for a bit of work experience and just throw myself into the action. They didn't look too stressed and looked like they had a laugh as well as work hard, so i'm going to go try see if I can spend a couple weeks there.

I've gone from Battersea and am at my home in London now, I've got meetings with more companies tomorrow, so I hope they go well. Just going to talk to them about the industry and see what kind of things they do, so it's another long day. Will be great to walk around London tomorrow, I miss being here so that will be fun going to go window shopping as I have no money :D story of our lives ey..

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  1. Did it feel like a big machine with being able to be moved around and pick from studio to studio?