Saturday, 4 April 2009


Long day already, been up since 8am and have been preparing for my shoot tomorrow. I'm scared that everytime my phone goes, some one is calling to cancel on me, I think thats why I'm not sleeping properly and waking up early.

Now I'm getting a headache..ow.

I've picked up some more bits ready for tomorrow, and I'm writing up the call sheets for everyone, just waiting on one piece of information.

Apparantly I look tired...

I feel tired. Going to be a long few days coming up, I'm doing two hours shooting on Monday morning and then going to sort out more collab stuff.

I had level 3 screenings to attend on Wednesday which was cool. Last semester films were being screened at our BFI Film Theatre, and we dressed up a bit for the event.

Sams bowtie is made from black card. We're still looking for a location as our back up plan has failed, so back to square one. Still lots to do, so little time.


  1. Good luck with the shoot and good luck with the blog (I find it cheaper than therapy).

    Liking the swirling colours, the other day when I looked it was all dark :(

    Being a bit of a bum in Stoke at the moment but will be helping Thorntons out with Easter next week so should be good.

    Hope you're alright.


  2. Thanks scribble...

    Yeah I like this layout, have someone helping me out with it.

    Talk soon x

  3. Mr Hollywood was an awesome placement, I hope to see him again soon....