Thursday, 16 April 2009

Orchestra shoot

On shoot yesterday evening for Glenn. My job was to pull the tripod along the track and also to help set everything up and to take some photos. As we didn't have an SLR, I just used my compact camera, so i have the images here. The concept involves music, so we filmed the local Staffordshire Orchestra.

The track and dolly! Set up in 10 minutes, Huzzah!

Chris being the dummy whilst we test the lighting and make sure the shots will work.

DVD cover shot me thinks?

Before the shoot:
BAD BAD news. The actor for my collaboration film emailed to say he'd broken his ankle, we're suppose to be shooting this weekend! Me and Sam were devastated, but we spent all day yesterday calling around and I think we may have found someone now. Scripts finally drafted, and location seems guaranteed. We went around just viewing a few more today. Only problem is that we're having to push back the shoot for another week! So we have to get it done next weekend now, which I didn't really want, but we'll do what we have to do I guess.
I was highly stressed yesterday, but I'm feeling a bit better now. Going to get on with other work to just take my mind off the collab for the evening.
Another shoot tomorrow morning. 8.30am call time ...grr.. could be worse I guess, then it's carry on with paperwork time again.

Righto, back to work. x

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