Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Trains + Bowls

Hi all,

Had a very interesting couple of days.

Jumped off the train from London to Stoke, which by the way was crazy! I couldn't sit down anywhere in economy. It was the first train back up North on Monday after the no service, and it was the first train that day to leave without taking 3 changes just to get to Stoke. So me and hundreds of other people thought, hmmm it shouldn't be busy, lets jump on that, I need to get back as early as possible and don't want the hassle of changing....yep. So I decided to go sit in first class. Yep, that's right my first experience in first class, wasn't anything spesh, just more room really.

Soon after many other people followed, and those too scared to go to first in case they got charged extra, were told by the train managers to go sit in first class because they were stood in the door ways, and the next stop wasn't for another hour and half. Busy busy.

Nehoo, jump off the train, and I go straight to set with my suitcase and everything, like a pro.. I get straight on set and help shoot. It didn't finish til late, after which i crashed out, and then woke up today to do it all again....but it was for a different director, and it was a bowls shoot.

The concept is great, as plain as bowls to us youngsters may seem, but I don't want to give the concept away until the films finished and distributed. If i can get some stills I'll pop them up.

I'm not feeling too good either, I think I've caught mums sore throat which I said I wouldn't get off her...great. Lots of honey in my coffee now.

I'm starving, time to eat.

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